RF-Ready DC Fixture


The small-footprint RF-Ready DC Fixture has been the industry standard for DC life testing for over a decade.  The fixture mechanical design uses thermal isolation techniques to operate at elevated temperatures for thousand of hours with a consistent RF/DC interface to the Device Under Test (DUT).  The fixture comes standard with SMA input/output connectors for RF characterization. These connectors are terminated with 50Ω for testing in the Accel-RF DC-AARTS for proper impedance matching.

Key Features

Support for over two dozen commercially available device package types

Fixture is easily configurable by the user to switch between different Input/Output circuits and mechanical package types

Wide frequency response and capable of testing at high RF drive levels

Test over a wide temperature range with a maximum baseplate temperature of 300°C

RF Ready DC Fixture

Options and Accessories

  • Custom impedance matching circuits
  • Wideband Bias Tees
  • 50Ω MMIC Circuits