The RF Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS) systems are designed to stress devices with RF, DC, and thermal stimulus in order to evaluate reliability and performance degradation.  The systems were designed from inception to include RF stimulus – it was not added as an after-thought. This turnkey test system includes fully integrated software and hardware used to control a number of independently controlled test positions.  Precise measurement and monitoring of test devices can be fully automated with the industry-standard LifeTest software.  Various frequency ranges, power levels, and modulation types are supported.

Key Features

Different channel capacities supported, including up to 16 independently controlled channels in a 2-bay rack

Utilizes innovative test fixtures that operate up to mmWave frequencies and up to 300°C device baseplate temperature while supporting over two dozen commercially available package types

High RF drive level capability (up to 50W per channel)

Range of DC bias supply options, from high resolution/low power supplies for small devices (GaAs HBT, SiGe) to 400W per channel for high power RF devices (GaN, LDMOS)

Various modulation types supported for application-specific testing (pulsed DC/RF, WCDMA)

Supports integration of external characterization instruments, such as Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers

AARTS RF-HTOL Turnkey Reliability Test System

Options and Accessories

  • 500MHz to 3GHz
  • 1GHz to 4GHz
  • 1GHz to 12GHz
  • 2GHz to 18GHz
  • 26GHz to 40GHz
  • Other mmWave bands supported
  • 150°C for high power device testing
  • 300°C maximum baseplate temperature
  • 10W per channel for high measurement resolution
  • 60W per channel (standard)
  • 200W per channel
  • 400W per channel
  • DC Bias Pulsing
  • RF Pulsing
  • Custom impedance matching circuits
  • Wideband Bias Tees
  • 50Ω MMIC Circuits