Characterization Platform


This standalone integral software and hardware platform is capable of functioning as an independent single-channel or virtual multi-channel characterization test subsystem. The platform is USB controlled to provide temperature, RF-signal and bias-control to a device-under-test (DUT) for semiconductor performance measurement. When used in conjunction with Accel-RF’s embedded Pulser-Card Assembly, the test device is capable of pulsed DC and RF stimulus.

Testing at elevated temperature is precisely controlled and referenced to the base-plate or to the device channel or junction temperature if the device thermal-resistance is known. The Test Platform compatible with the Quantum SMART modular fixture. It is also compatible with Accel-RF’s AARTS LIFETEST product-line and may be used with standard test fixtures utilized in an AARTS reliability test system.

Key Features

Compact footprint is ideal for benchtop setups, such as RF measurement and thermal characterization (e.g. IR or Thermoreflectance)

Integrated pulse generator for sequenced pulsing of DC and RF biases

Capable of being addressed in order to modularly build a multi-channel system

Precision temperature and cooling control with built-in heater elements and cooling fan

Interface to standard power supplies or precision characterization instruments, such as a Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (SPA)

Software-controlled using the Accel-RF LifeTest or USBControl programs via USB interface