RF-Biased Burn-In Test System


The modular architecture of the Accel-RF HTOL Burn-In system provides the flexibility to qualify multiple device types at a low cost-per-channel and minimal lab footprint.

The rack configuration has all power supply control units and PCU modules embedded and controlled through the LIFETEST software and system controller.  Auto-Bias features for gate/base and drain/collector levels, maximum allowable levels, and on/off sequencing are programmable in the PCU setup.  Each channel or DUT is independently sourced and controlled in this platform architecture.  All temperature control and monitoring are done independently and individually per DUT channel.  Temperature setting and control is achieved through the LIFETEST software with continuous update and control possible.

Key Features

Modular, Low-Cost Per Channel Configuration

Various high channel capacities in expandable trays

Numerous frequency bands and RF drive levels supported

Range of DC bias supply options, from high resolution/low power supplies for small devices (GaAs HBT, SiGe) to options for high power RF devices (GaN, LDMOS)

Chilled water distribution system for heat removal

Support for over two dozen commercially available device package types

RF Biased Burin-In Test System

Options and Accessories

  • 1 to 4GHz
  • 8 to 12GHz
  • Millimeter bands (custom)
  • Variable from -5 to +15dBm
  • Support for optional SSPA