Quantum SMART Fixture


Accel-RF Instruments Corporation has “unplugged” the industry-leading RF SMART Fixture from their automated test platform and made it available for benchtop test. The Quantum SMART Fixture is a programmable self-contained DC bias and RF stimulus control module capable of synchronizing sequenced independent pulsed-bias and pulsed-RF signals to a DUT or remote fixture. The signals are controlled from a user interface compatible with Accel-RF’s LIFETEST software.

The fixture mechanical design is ideal for testing modules or connectorized evaluation boards.  The two-piece approach allows for easy switching between different Device Under Test (DUT) types.  The flexible approach allows the fixture to be configured for testing at numerous frequencies, up to Ka-Band for 5G applications and beyond.

Key Features

Open housing concept can accept different module or evaluation board footprints

Wide frequency response and capable of testing at high RF drive levels

Integrated pulse generator capable of sequenced pulsing for the gate, drain, and RF signals

Test over a wide temperature range with a maximum baseplate temperature of 250°C

Software-controlled via USB interface and the Accel-RF LifeTest or USBControl software