HTRB Multi-Channel Test System


Key design features of the industry standard Accel-RF AARTS platform have been redeployed to provide a precise and economical HTRB Tester solution.  The modular and adaptable configuration allows testing of any semiconductor technology in various package types using world-class fixturing techniques.  Precision-controlled heater elements are used rather than an oven-based approach to provide more finite temperature resolution and greater test flexibility. Multi-channel test Drawers stack within a rack to provide maximum channel density with a minimal lab footprint.

The DC bias in this fully turnkey system is provided by power control units, PCU modules, embedded and controlled through the LIFETEST software and system controller.  The HTRB Tester supports optional integration of a Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (SPA) for automated in-situ characterization measurements.  Easily configure and run an automated qualification test with precision and consistency.