DC-HTOL Burn-in Test System


The DC-HTOL Burn-in Test System is designed for flexibility and modularity. It is capable of performing in-situ high temperature operating life (HTOL) characterization on packaged semiconductor devices. Two supplies per device provide the needed power to test the latest high-frequency devices, from GaN power devices, to GaAs HBTs, and enhancement-mode device structures.

Each system rack “cell” configuration is capable of up to an 88-channel configuration in a dual-bay rack.  The system platform is expandable from 8-channels up to 88-channels in groups of 8-channel drawers.  Several “rack-cell” configurations may be combined for a 240 to 264 channel configuration. An 8-channel drawer may be configured for independent and individual testing of a packaged DUT.  DC stimulus and measurement capability is local to the channel and independent from drawer to drawer and channel to channel in the rack.  As such each channel may have a different bias voltage configuration and package mounting scheme.

The rack system is compatible in features and capabilities with the industry standard Accel-RF Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Systems (AARTS).  The application software is our standard LIFETEST AARTS software with the features consistent with our standard product.