AARTS Liquid Cooled


The Automated Accelerated Reliability Test Station (AARTS) Liquid Cooled systems are designed to test the highest power cutting edge semiconductor devices being developed today.  In order to test at the extreme power densities now commonplace in the latest semiconductor technologies, additional heat removal is required beyond standard air-cooling. The Liquid Cooled system integrates chilled water distribution to maintain precise temperature control and efficiently remove heat generated by device power dissipation.  This innovative test platform builds on the legacy AARTS product lines with both RF and DC options available. Driven by the LifeTest software, fully automated operational testing of high-power RF devices is possible.

Key Features

Various channel capacities

Up to 200W CW RF output power

Utilizes innovative test fixtures that provide consistent RF/DC interface to the DUT while supporting over two dozen commercially available package types

RF drive level capability up to 50W per channel

High power DC bias supplies capable of up to 400W CW DC power per device

Options and Accessories

  • 500MHz to 3GHz
  • 1GHz to 4GHz
  • 1GHz to 12GHz
  • Custom impedance matching circuits
  • 50Ω MMIC Circuits