200V RF Reliability Testing is becoming a key parameter of a robust GaN reliability testing strategy. GaN technology has advanced beyond initial material qualification stages, and industry is now looking to leverage GaN’s inherent advantages. Semiconductor manufacturers aim to utilize the wide bandgap of GaN to maximize performance and efficiency with 200V operation.  Device reliability at 200V under RF drive must be assessed in parallel, as the associated high fields and power dissipation may drive different failure mechanisms than what has been observed at 28V or 48V operation.

Accel-RF is poised to support these new testing requirements with upgrades to the existing industry-standard Multi-Channel AARTS RF product line. Existing bias supply technology (PCU) is augmented with a step-up voltage multiplier for supply of 200V or more to each Device-Under-Test. The RF Smart Fixture is redesigned to support local Voltage/Current measurement at high voltages and equipped for high DUT power dissipation.

Key Features

Different channel capacities supported, including up to 16 independently controlled channels in a 2-bay rack

New Smart Fixtures with High Voltage components and local V/I measurement capability

Fixtures have high efficiency heatsinks for managing high DUT power dissipation

Power supplies capable of >200V Drain (Bias1) and 350W power dissipation per DUT

Various Pulsed-RF Modulation Types supported for application-specific testing

High RF drive level capability (up to 50W per channel)